What should I do during a seizure and how to avoid it

Status epileptics refers to the seizure which can last longer and even more than thirty minutes or there may be a series of seizures where the affected person does not, in between, regain consciousness. If a seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, you should immediately call an ambulance. Prolonged seizures can likewise be treated with diazepam which is commonly given as injections or through the rectum.

You can protect yourself so as not to get injured during a night attack. It is also very important if your child suffers from this disease. There are convenient devices that take care of your safety. The bed guard rails are very helpful if you or your child have nocturnal seizures. They are portable foam wedges that can be placed under bedding to make sure you or your child does not fall out of bed if they have a seizure. There is no assembly required and because they are foam wedges, they stay in place and don’t slip off the bed.

Therefore, they can be very useful for children and adults that have epilepsy and nocturnal seizures. It should be noted, that these products should never be used for children under 2 years of age and the person/child using the wedges must be able to get in and out of bed without help. Do not use the wedges on any type of bed other than adult (twin/single or larger). Also do not add any extra pillows, stuffed animals, or anything else to the bed that takes away from the child’s space, aside from the wedges (and 1 or 2 stuffed animals).

They are lightweight, portable, and can make a big difference in safety from nocturnal seizures. They may prevent you from falling off your bed, injuring yourself, and hitting your head. If you are a parent of a child with epilepsy, you may also gain much more peace of mind at night, knowing that your child is safe.

What to do if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy?

The most important thing for a person is to follow simple rules:

– do not abuse alcohol;

– no smoking;

– take the prescribed medications on time;

– sleep enough;

– do not leave the house while you are hungry;

– try to avoid stressful situations;

– it is necessary to keep a diary on the number of seizures.

In most cases, epilepsy is an incurable disease, but you can keep it in remission for many years and lead a full life without strict restrictions.

What should be done if you forget to take a dose of anti-epileptic drugs?

It is uncommon for many people to forget to take a dose of their anti-epileptic medication once in a while. You may not even remember if a dose was taken or not. In such a situation it is better to take an extra tablet with in the same 24 hours period rather the risking the occurrence of seizure due to low levels of the drugs in the blood.

Some tips if you have a seizure

There are a few important steps for others to follow when you have a seizure. You can share these steps with your family, friends, and adults in your life, like your teachers.

1. Stay calm and stay with you until your seizure is over.

2. Make sure that you are out of the way of any objects that may hurt you.

For example, if you had a seizure at your desk, your teacher will gently move you to the floor.

3. Lay you on your side.

This is so that if you throw up, you will not breathe the throw up into your lungs.

4. Record the amount of time the seizure lasts.

5. Call 911 if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes or if you are having trouble breathing.

6. Give you your seizure rescue medication (if you have one) if your seizure lasts 3-5 minutes. At this point, they will also call 911.

7. Keep you comfortable.

They may support your head so that it does not hit the ground.

A couple of things that they will not be doing while you are having a seizure are:

– They will NOT put anything in your mouth to keep your tongue down.

– They will not forcibly hold your arms or legs down.

– It is okay to call 911 if they feel like they need to. They may call for help if you are having trouble breathing or start choking. They may also call if you are injured or hurt during your seizure.

Finally, always call your doctors or nurses if you, or any adults, have any questions after your seizure. They are always happy to help!

Why is it important to take antiepileptic drugs regularly?

The aim of taking anti-epileptic drugs is to obtain adequate control of fits. It is very important to maintain a constant level of drugs in the brain to control seizures. In order to achieve that, a constant level of the drug in the blood is required. IT is, therefore, very important to take medicines regularly.  

When is the right time to see a physician?

You have to seek immediate medical assistance in the following situations:

– seizures last more than 5 minutes;

– even after the seizure has stopped, consciousness and breathing does not return;

– you are experiencing high fever;

– seizure after seizure follows;

– you’re dealing with heat exhaustion;

– you’ve got diabetes;

– you are pregnant;

– you have injuries that were due to these seizures.

If you know how to help yourself during an attack, you can save the lives of another person! Each person is unique, and your symptoms may differ from the attacks of another person! Are you ready to see a terrible epileptic attack? Learn how to save the lives of your loved one or passerby.

If you are epileptic, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to use modern methods and devices that will provide you with maximum safety during an attack.

The usefulness of epilepsy jewelry

Epilepsy is a severe situation, plus it is vital that persons suffer from the situation are appropriately recognized by means of an epilepsy jewelry medical wristlet in times of an urgent situation. An epilepsy therapeutic wristlet wills aware of medical experts to the situation. Information concerning a patient’s main physician may also be built-in on the epilepsy jewelry ID wristlet. Emergency medical personnel can get in touch with the patient’s physician to accept thorough information about the kind of spasms the patient undergoes, which will help out rule other problems.

Therapeutic epilepsy jewelry comes in a variety of fashion but typically has the globally recognized ‘snake and staff’ therapeutic sign-on. Stuff may be carved with basic therapeutic information and a phone number. Or stuff may have the therapeutic information enclosed inside on a paper type, like necklaces, charms and wristwatch style jewelry that opens. Within is a paper type for you to put in your individual therapeutic information.

Importance of using an epileptic machine

Is there a special type of machine that can help the sufferers of epilepsy to handle their particular symptoms? Yes, there is. It’s the epileptic machine. This revolutionary device will give you the best exercise that will help in strengthening your body and mind. It is also important that you obtain an idea as to the frequency and length of time within which the attacks would come about and last. Individuals who are still dealing with epilepsy often obtain a distinctive feeling and warning sign that the seizure is certainly on its way. The warning symptoms are referred to as auras, but they’re generally simple partial seizures.

Remember that aura differs from one person to another, but several common auras include: the body suddenly feels strange, experiencing a weird sense of anxiety and fear, feelings of déjà vu, noticing an awkward smell or even taste, and the feeling that the entire world has abruptly become dreamlike or unreal. Although the warning is not capable of preventing the seizures, it can provide you enough time to warn those around you and make certain that and the people you love are safe.

Dr. Ali Elahi

This article is written by Dr. Ali Elahi, a specialist in neuromuscular disorders, certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). His expertise includes evaluation and treatment of patients with epilepsy, stroke, headache, neuromuscular disease, and cerebral palsy.He also manages neurological emergencies in the Intensive Care Units.

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